Motoneuron Meeting - Paris 2010
Welcome cocktail
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To kick off the Motoneuron Meeting 2010 with a bang (or should we say, a pop!), it is our great pleasure to invite all our guests to a Welcome Cocktail in the magnificent building of the headquarters of the Paris Descartes University (12 rue de l’école de médecine, 75006 Paris), on Friday, July 9th at 6:30pm.

This building, in the “greek style” in vogue during the reign of Louis XV, was erected between 1769 and 1774. It was designed to accommodate the “Royal Collège of Surgery”. It remained the location of the medical school until 1950, when it was transferred to rue des Saints-Pères (where the meeting is taking place.)


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Friday sessions are scheduled to end at 6:15pm. We will leave all together and walk (1km, 0.7mi, about 10 min.) to the Galerie Saint-Germain as a group (see map). Guests are encouraged to join us at the meeting building entrance, or find their way on their own to the cocktail location.

The cocktail will start at 7pm with a short speech from our hosts:
- Professor Axel Kahn, president of the university Paris Descartes
- Professor Bruno Varet, vice president for research

Enjoy the rest of the evening to mingle leisurely with a drink in one hand and some "petits fours" in the other.

The cocktail will end around 8:30pm.

Medical history museum

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The building also houses the medical history museum of the university Paris Descartes, which displays the oldest collection of surgical instruments and other medical artifacts in Europe.

As a special favor to us, the curator of the museum, Ms. Clin, will take little groups on special guided tours.

Web site of the museum (in French)

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